Organizational Development

Acquiring and retaining motivated staff has become a significant challenge for businesses around the globe. Standard practices have mainly failed to address this widespread problem, causing frustration for business owners, managers, and staff alike.

To address staff motivation, businesses must have a fundamental understanding of the problem, what has changed, and why the current employment environment requires a new solution. Ucora provides the tools and techniques to consistently boost motivation, productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Learn how others are turning their competitors’ disadvantage into their strategic advantage by applying the IVY™ Organizational Development model to your enterprise.

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We Help You

  • Acquire a new and fundamental understanding of staff motivation. Learn how to keep everyone in your company highly motivated, driving up productivity, quality, job and customer satisfaction.
  • Understand how to align the motivations of all your business stakeholders. Follow clear steps to ensure alignment among owners, staff, and customers.
  • Establish an almost effortless motivational reinforcement process. Reinforce and leverage what is required to keep your team aligned with ease.

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How IVY™ Is Different

  • IVY™ is based on the fundamental principles of motivation that drive everyone.
  • IVY™ is straightforward to apply and scalable to any organization, from small startups to large organizations.
  • IVY™ evolves dynamically with you, so it’s always there to support you, even when you’re experiencing dramatic growth or change.
  • IVY™ prioritizes inclusion, involvement, and engagement at all levels of your organization.

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What to Expect from IVY™

Accelerated personal, professional, and company growth Highly motivated, innovative, and devoted staff Dramatically reduced overhead and fewer valueless delays Delightful customer service and happy, loyal customers Significantly higher HR retention

What You Get

Ucora’s IVY™ Organizational Development model offers value-centric consultation, in-person and online:

  • System and methodology
    A step by step, practical approach to staff motivation and alignment of company vision, mission, and purpose.
  • Transformative workshops
    Professional certified coaches that guide you through every step of the way.
  • Permanence of change
    Establish a recurring, easy-to-follow pattern to make positive change permanent in your organization.

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